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Meeting of the National Council

Fort Walton Beach, FL.  February 18, 2003

The Most Reverend Stephen C. Reber Sr., Presiding Bishop, reports to the Council the status of the Church. He quickly laid out an agenda for the coming year to effectively bring the Gospel to those in need and within our jurisdiction.
The Reverend Canon Michael G. Carr - Council member and the Rector of "Church of the Resurrection" - Shalimar, FL. listened, and with his experienced voice offered valuable input to guide the church to a successful year.

   Mr. Edward K. Knox, Treasurer and Comptroller of the UECNA. reported the current Financial Status of the Church.
   Ed was momentarily stunned as he was handed and accepted a check from one of our mission churches - with a message of deep appreciation, from the Vicar to the National Council for the assistance of the Church to that mission.
   It is the hope of the mission Vicar that this will enable the UECNA to continue this charity to fledgling Christian communities in bringing the Gospel of our Lord to the sheep lost.
Mr. Howard Baird - Lay member of the Council  from St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church - Springdale, AR. attended the meeting with great interest.

Mr. Ray Turczynski Lay member of the council and host representative from "The Church of the Resurrection" in Shalimar FL organized the agenda for the  meeting, including the logistics and activities.
Mrs. Ann Sasko - Lay member of the Council hails from St. Francis Church - Ava MO.

Ann presented a report on the award winning monthly newsletter "Porch Sittings" and the great happenings at St. Francis

The Reverend Mr. John Jenkins - Clergy of Senior Ministries - Headquartered in Port Charlotte, FL. submitted a report on his very successful ministry in Southern Florida.
Mr. Harold Herring - Chancellor of the UECNA listened intently to the many resolutions passed and gave lawful guidance to the board when needed. Mr. Herring (Fish) is a member from Christ Episcopal Church in Huntsville, AL.

Sara Jenkins, the wife of Deacon John Jenkins is the Secretary and Treasurer of the "Woman's Auxiliary" and attended the Council as their representative.

The Venerable Robert Hemphill, Archdeacon of the Ohio Valley, one of the original clergy members of the UECNA, reports on the Christian School that is an active instrument of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Coshocton, OH.

At the close of business and the social amenities all of the attendees returned to their home parish, pleased with the progress that the United Episcopal Church has accomplished in the year past. Never looking back but always forward we will proceed with Faith, Charity and Hope.